Major Taylor

 1878 - to - 1932

The National Brotherhood of Cyclists was formed in 2008. The organization was inspired by the principals set forth by Marshall "Major" Taylor, a pioneer in American cycling

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Welcome To The National Brotherhood of Cyclists

Welcome to the National Brotherhood of Cyclists (NBC). I am Bruce Woods, NBC President.  It is my pleasure to welcome you to our organization. The National Brotherhood of Cyclists is fortunate to have a great group of local cycling club presidents among its leadership.  They have worked hard to make this organization a reality and carry out the organization's mission statement:

"First and foremost to create a network of people and resources that promote an appreciation of cycling and its beneficial impact on health issues affecting those communities disproportianatly affected by health disparities. Second to identify, develop and support athletes who will compete in domestic and international cycling competitions for the purposes of bring about more diversity in the sport of cycling"

Looking Ahead
Over the next two years the NBC will sharpen its one of a kind focus to support our youth cycling programs and one day finding and developing Olympic caliber cyclists. The NBC is an organization by which cycling positively impacts our communities through programs that provide opportunities for adults and youth to participate in recreational and competitive cycling.  These programs are developed through member clubs of the NBC.  The NBC provides funding to its youth programs in support of young athletes who otherwise would not have the opportunity, or financial resources to cycle competitively or recreationally.

What You Can Do
When planning to attend the NBC Summit I encourage you to register, come out to the rides and have a great time with us. Your registration supports our youth program,  2nd Become a supportive member of our vibrant on line community.

Our Summit activities need your support—we encourage you to register for our Annual Summit and support the National Brotherhood of Cyclists—as well as cycling clubs in your local area.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. Learn more about us by visiting our online community.  Have a blessed day and see you at the Summit!

Bruce Woods
NBC President

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