Major Taylor

 1878 - to - 1932

The National Brotherhood of Cyclists was formed in 2008. The organization was inspired by the principals set forth by Marshall "Major" Taylor, a pioneer in American cycling

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Look who’s sponsoring The National Brotherhood of Cyclists! Organizations across the country are supporting our programs and recognizing the empact we have on the health of communities across the country.

Since our organization’s inception, we have reached out to supporters and allies who are dedicated to helping fulfill our mission statement. However to continue our work we need your support! 

What does it mean to be a sponsor? Sponsors play an important role in the success of NBC's non-profit programs. There are many areas that you can make a difference from providing equipment or funding for health fairs to student scholarships.


The National Brotherhood of Cyclists recognizes that businesses may want to contribute in different ways, so we offer a range of sponsorship options. Join other program sponsors to make a huge difference in our country. Take up the challenge now, please join us in making a difference!



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