Major Taylor

 1878 - to - 1932

The National Brotherhood of Cyclists was formed in 2008. The organization was inspired by the principals set forth by Marshall "Major" Taylor, a pioneer in American cycling

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Officers Of The National Brotherhood of Cyclists, Inc.

 National Officers    

President - Bruce Woods Vice President -  Anthony Taylor
Pittsburgh Major Taylor Cycling Club Major Taylor Cycling Club of Minnesota
Pittsburgh, PA Minneapolis, MN



Recording & Corresponding Secretary  - 

Adrian Lipscombe

Treasurer - Jeffrey E. Kellar


Major Taylor Austin Major Momentum Cycling Club                    
Austin, TX Nashville, TN


Youth Director: Jack Gartner
Safety Coordinator: Greg Masterson
Team Black Ski, Inc             
Metro Atlanta Cycling Club 
Washington, DC
Atlanta, GA.


Western Region VP -  


 Advisory Council


Charles Love - Major Taylor Cycling Club Dayton Ohio

Odale Baker - Major Taylor Cycling Club of San Diego

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