Major Taylor

 1878 - to - 1932

The National Brotherhood of Cyclists was formed in 2008. The organization was inspired by the principals set forth by Marshall "Major" Taylor, a pioneer in American cycling

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About The National Brotherhood of Cyclists

The National Brotherhood of Cyclists (NBC) was founded on March 29th 2008 by a group of grass roots cycling clubs from around the country made up of African American Cyclists. This group felt a national organization was needed to: promote a love of cycling, increase the sports diversity and decrease the health disparities that effect their community and other communities around the country by bring attention to the health benefits of cycling . The NBC is an association of affiliate cycling clubs. Membership and access to our online community is supported by these clubs. The National Brotherhood of Cyclists is open to anyone regardless of race, color, ethnic origin, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap. 

Our History:  

In 2008 a group of like-minded, idealistic visionaries, who like the late great Marshall Major Taylor, believed the world would be a better place if the bicycle played a more important role in communities like theirs where health issues were on the rise.

It all started 2007, when Bryant Wesley of the Major Velocity Cycling Club approached Greg Masterson of the Metro Atlanta Cycling Club with the idea of starting an association that would promote the benefits of cycling in their community and other communities like theirs around the country.

Mr Wesley's first step was to create what is now the National Brotherhood of Cyclists online community. With the help Mr. Masterson, Bryant then invited individuals and organization leaders from every cycling club around the country, he thought would be interested in promoting the association's vision.

Finally in 2008 with the assistance of representatives from the Metro Atlanta Cycling Club, BBSSU, Bikin Blazers, Team Black Ski Inc. along with cycling clubs from Major Taylor San Diego, Pittsburgh, Dayton Ohio, Nashville and Houston the organizational development process began.


"I would first and foremost like to thank Mashall Major Taylor whose spirit lives with us all and whose principles of sportsmanship, racial equality, importance of a good education, and living a clean and healthy life style have guided those who have helped develop the National Brotherhood of Cyclists to what it is today."

"Second I would like to thank Greg Masterson, Valerie Robertson, Bruce Woods, Roxanne Campbell, Charles Love, Odale Baker, Jack Gartner, and Jeffrey Kellar for their support, commitment and assistance. For without them this organization would not have come to fruition."

Bryant Wesley - Founding President

Our Mission: 

First and foremost to create a network of people and resources that promote an appreciation of cycling and its beneficial impact on health issues affecting those communities disproportianatly affected by health disparities. Second to identify, develop and support athletes who will compete in domestic and international cycling competitions for the purposes of bring about more diversity in the sport of cycling  


Our Purpose:  

The National Brotherhood of Cyclist serves a strategic purpose in the community:

(a) To promote an appreciation and love of cycling and to foster camaraderie among all cyclist regardless of age, race, creed, or gender.

(b) To promote the beneficial impact cycling has on fitness and health concerns affecting those communities disproportionately affected by health issues.

(c) To identify, support, and assist in the development of young armature athletes who will compete in domestic and international cycling competitions for the purposes of bring about more diversity in the sport of cycling and reaching the associations goals for the year

(d) To organize/sponsor annual cycling events for the purpose of supporting the organizations defined goals for the year.

(e) To promote local, national and international cycling trips.

(f) To serve as a clearinghouse for cycling safety, training, and technical information

 Currently The National Brotherhood of Cyclists is working to become a formal non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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